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Where the Fifties is the Present
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Welcome to the best fifties site on the World Wide Web! This site is ran by Sherrill Buford, Kayla Allen, Sara Romine, Erik Soderstrom, and Nicole Dyer. Thanks to a recent large interest in the 1950s decade we made this website (actually we had to do a project for our Social Studies class…please understand our pain).


The fifties is an astonishing decade that leads up to today’s society. From the choices people made in the 1950s (style, government, music, entertainment, ect.) we get our generation of technology, biracial relationships, and rock ‘n roll.



Entertainment: The entertainment district of this website is controlled by Kayla Allen and her recent discoveries on the decade.


Fashion: Due to Nicole’s love for fashion, we have given her the gift of fashion on this website.


Daily Life: Since Sherrill wasn’t paying attention when we were picking jobs… we gave her Daily Life because Erik, Kayla and Nicole didn’t want it…. Muahaha.


Politics: Because of the hate for politics and lack of intelligence of politics no one really wanted this section, but lovely Sara Romine picked it for herself.


Music: In view of the fact that Erik’s brother, Shayne, is one of the largest music critics in town we gave this job to him…Poor Erik.


Where the Fifties is Present to Erik Soderstrom, Sherrill Buford, Kayla Allen, Nicole Dyer and Sara Romine 2005