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Where the Fifties is the Present
1950s Entertainment
1950s Fashion
1950s Politics
1950s Daily Life
1950s Music

1950s Entertainment

1950- Champion
1951- BMW Sedan
1952- Plymouth Cranbrook
1953- Hudson Hornet
1954- Dodge Royal
1955- Morris Oxford
1956- Plymouth Savoy
1957- Chevrolet Bel-Air
1958- Jaguar MK-8 Sedan
1959- Kingsway Sedan

                  Burma Shave Slogans!
some include:
his cheek                     twinkle twinkle
was rough                     one-eyed car
his cheek                     we all wonder wonder
vamoosed                      WHERE you are
and now she wont               Burma-Shave   
come home to roost

In the 1950s for entertainment, most people went The Silver Moon is was nice fin entertainment for the ones who wanted to see movies.


Commercials were VERY popular in the 1950s because telivisin sets were just coming out. There were many commercials. To see some click this link!!


The hula hoop was a fun-energetic toy for people of all ages!!

1950- Lullaby of Broadway
1951- On Moonlight Bay
1952- Forbidden Games
1953- Trouble Along The Way
1954- Doctor in The House
1955- We're On Angels
1956- Around The World in 80 Days
1957- Don't Go Near The Water
1958- Vertigo
1959- Breathless

Where the Fifties is Present to Erik Soderstrom, Sherrill Buford, Kayla Allen, Nicole Dyer and Sara Romine 2005