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Where the Fifties is the Present
1950s Daily Life
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                                              *Daily Life in America*
Women were the ones who had to cook and clean. They had dinner on the table before their husbands came home from work. That lets them know that their wives are concerned for their needs.
Divorce was not in question because of societal pressure for one thing. You were only to get married and stay married. Moms back then were younger than todays. After dinner the WHOLE family would sit and watch TV. There was hardly anything back then. For an example there was no phones, no steroes, no vidoes ganes, no MALLS and *GASPS*, NO COMPUTERS. Can you believe this? I would'nt be able to last a day in their time.

  *Slang Expressions*
Ankle Bitter                                          Child
Bobbed                                                 Shortned
Burn Rubber                                        Accelerate Fast
Bent Eight                                             V-8 engine
Cat                                                         Hip Person
Circled                                                   Married
Cloud 9                                                  Really Happy
Cranked                                                Excited
Dolly                                                      Cute Girl
Flick                                                       Movie
Freem                                                   Outcast
Goopy                                                   Messy
Grody                                                    Dirty
Nuggets                                                Loose Change
Spaz                                                     Clutz
Threads                                               Clothes

Where the Fifties is Present to Erik Soderstrom, Sherrill Buford, Kayla Allen, Nicole Dyer and Sara Romine 2005